Welcome to the exciting world of Quiet & Bold! Your life will never be the same!

Quiet & Bold is a comedy audio series from creators Greig Johnson and Chris Lackey! Influenced by Lovecraftian weird tales and occult science, Quiet & Bold follows the investigations of Dr. Silence Quiet and Randolph Bold as the fight the supernatural forces of evil with mad science and occult mysticism!


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Dr. Silence Quiet
  – Dr. Quiet is not only a master of physics, chemistry and biology, he is a debunker of fakes, frauds and charlatans.  In all of his investigations into the supernatural only the ‘ghost pig’ and the ‘gravy boat thing’ have left him stumped. But after coming to Arkham, Massachusetts he discovers the world is more strange than he ever conceived.


 Randolph Dexter Bold – Once a student of advanced mathematics, Randolph Bold now explores the world of the paraordinary using ancient rituals and forgotten magics.  After an accidental voyage to the Dreamlands, Randolph awakened to the world of the metaphysical and overly patterned clothing.


Mrs. Humble – Mrs. Humble is an accomplished housekeeper to Dr. Quiet as well as a talented accountant, bodyguard, lab assistant, and pack horse. Mrs. Humble is a no-nonsense, salt-of-the-earth treasure whose years of experience have given her an insight into the world of the occult that few others from Yorkshire would ever dream to possess.


Quiet and Bold is the creation of Greig Johnson and Chris Lackey.


Find Greig @eclecticschlock and Chris @mrchrislackey on Twitter.

Any questions about the show or site, just e-mail Chris at mrchrislackey AT gmail.com